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The M3 Job Club runs a programme of activities to provide members with information, knowledge, know-how and advice from professional coaches and business volunteers - FREE!

The programme is designed to allow members to take 'stepping stones' on their journeys back to work to add value to their work search agenda. This is achieved through sessions on aspects of CV's, interview techniques and practice, building confidence, use of social media, volunteering and starting your own business amongst many other sessions.

Below, are our programme of activites to enable you to see what is happening ahead of time. The objective is to provide guidance to help you on your journey to get you back to work. As an M3 Job Club member, we are also interested in what you want, topics you'd like us to cover and therefore the programme may change to take that into consideration.

Our aim is to deliver a service that meets your needs and adds practical value as long as it achieves the same common objective, to get you back to work more quickly.

The intention is to give you as much information as possible to put you in the best possible position to secure your next role.


Opening Times:

Runs every Friday (except Public Holidays) from 09:00 until 12:30

M3 Job Club - Programme 2017



5 May Job Strategy and Plan

Know Your Start Point

Define Your Purpose

Know Your Motivations

Create Your Own Action Plan

Business Coach: Nikki Wild, Director, Wild Empowerment Ltd and M3JC Trustee


12 May Composing Your CV & Marketing Plan

CVs & Their Impact

Composing Your CV – Different Formats

Profile Statement

Transferable Skills

Covering Letter

Business Presenter: Liz Johnston, Senior HR Business Partner, James Hay Partnership


 19 May – Hello: Is it Me You’re Looking For?

How to Find Out What Employers Are Looking For

How to Match Your CV To the Job Role

Using Key Words Not Same Words – Why It Is So Important

This Is a Questions and Answers Session.  Please Bring Your Questions

Business Volunteer: Maxine Hart, Director, Wote Street People


 26 May – Who Moved My Cheese?

How Different People React to Change

What to Do When “Your Cheese Moves”

How to Overcome the Fear of Changing?

How to Find “New Cheese”

Tapping into Resources You Didn’t Know You Had to Help

Move with the Cheese and Enjoy it

Business Coach: Dermot Fitzpatrick, Director, Inspiring Enterprises



 2 June – Personal Positioning & How to Stand Out in a Crowd

Define Your Unique Blend of Strengths, Skills & Talents

Identify What You Will Be Famous For

Define Your Personal Strapline

Business Coach: Nikki Wild, Director, Wild Empowerment Ltd and M3JC Trustee


9 June – Impressive Interviews

How to Create a Great First Impression

Preparing Your Answers; Yes, You Can Do This Before Hearing the Questions!

How to Look - How to Speak – What to Say

Business Coach: Sara Smith, Director – Sara Smith Ltd


 16 June – Confidence, Motivation & Resilience

Understanding Emotions Whilst Seeking Employment

 How Our Own Thoughts Can Build Confidence

 Coping With Stressful Situations

 Staying on Track and Keeping Motivated 

Business Coach: Lynda Cant, HR Consultancy & People Development, Lynda Cant



23 June – Research Companies to be Impressive at Interviews

Talk Their Language; Think Strategically About the Business You Might Work For

Get to Grips With How a Prospective Employer Thinks About Their Business

Learn or Refresh Your Knowledge of a Powerful Yet Simple Business Planning Tool

Equip Yourself With a Few Key Questions to Ask at Interviews

Business Presenter: Susan Elliott, MD, Strategy, VitalSix


 30 June – Understanding Communication Styles

DISCover your profile

Recognise Different Styles of Communicating and Your Own Preferences

How to Improve Communication, Harmony and Motivation

Identify How to Communicate Differently to Get Your Message Across

Business Coach: Nikki Wild, Director, Wild Empowerment Ltd and M3JC Trustee



 7 July – The CV Conundrum

A Panel of Experts Review CVs and Feedback What They Expect from A CV

How to Grab the Attention on a CV?

The Do’s and Don’ts in CV Writing

How to Engage with Recruiters and What They Look For

Maxine Hart, Director, Wote Street People

Expert Panel:

Marco Bardini, Talent Acquisition Manager, enterprise rent-a-car

Sara Smith, Director, Sara Smith Ltd

Amanda Fisackerly, Director,



14 July – Securing Work in a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Making sense of the powerful forces that affect today's job market

Seeing new value in your CV

Understanding your capacity to influence recruiters and employers

Maintaining a plan of action

Business Presenter: Trevor Band, 

Management Consultant & Lecturer in Business Strategy, M3 Job Club


 21 July – Using LinkedIn as a Job Seeker - TBC

Help Your LinkedIn Profile Promote You

Find the Companies You Want to Work for

Get Your Expertise on Show

Tap into Your Network & do Your Homework

Get Prepared for Your Interview
Business Volunteer: Steve Mills, Director, The Prudent Marketer


 28 July – Confident and Successful Interviews

How to make a positive impression at interview through:

Your appearance



Business Coach: Ruth Cane, Director, Ruth Cane Image & Impact 



 4 August – The Recruiter’s Perspective

How to Market Yourself to Recruiters

Understanding the Objectives of Recruiters

What Recruiters Look For

Interacting with Recruitment Agencies

Business Volunteer: Jo Campos, Account Manager (Resourcing Solutions) at TSB


11 August – Practicing your Interview Techniques

Preparing for your Next Interview

Techniques and Styles

Putting it into practice with feedback

Questions and Answers

Business Coach: Sara Smith, Director – Sara Smith Ltd


 18 August – The Dark Art of One Click Applications

How Job Boards Work

Why You Get Random Jobs Sent to You

Why One Click Is Never Enough Effort

A Few LinkedIn ‘Cheats’

Who / What Reads the Applications

Why an Agency Should Be Preferable to a Job Board

How to Circumnavigate the System?

Business Volunteer: Maxine Hart, Director, Wote Street People


25 August – Your Voice | Your Power

 Be Yourself by Discovering Your Authenticity

Be Your Best Self by Hacking Your Physiology

Covey Conviction

'Vivify' Your Voice

Share Your Story

Business Presenter: Calvin Niles, Director, Calin Niles Ltd
Collaborator, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Speaker




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