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Lottery Funded

Today we received confirmation of our first ever Lottery Grant of just under £10,000 thanks to the help of a fantastic volunteer, Sarah who drafted the successful application.

M3JC will use the funding to develop our brand which will include a new website and social media strategy. This will enable us to improve the online experience of people seeking work, raise our profile within the local area, build capacity and reach out to more job seekers who are currently unaware of our service.

The new site will also help us to reach out to local businesses to help secure much needed donations, and promote our invaluable supporters and volunteers who give their time for free to run the programme.

A great start to the first quarter of 2017.

 M3JC is now Five!

Press release: 1 April 2016


A CHARITY that helps support people return to work celebrates its fifth anniversary this month.

The M3 Job Club, which meets in Basingstoke every Friday, was set up by its chairman Richard Thayer in April 2011.

Since then it has assisted more than 400 people learn new skills and techniques to find employment, which is an achievement that Richard and his team are quite rightly proud of.

Richard said: “I had no idea how long this was going to last and to suddenly find we have been going five years is quite amazing. Five years seems quite a big milestone.”

The M3 Job Club, a registered charity, meets at Carnival Hall, in Council Road, in the Fairfields area of Basingstoke, working with passionate volunteers who donate their time for free, to empower members to help them retake control of their situation and rebuild their confidence as well as improve their CVs and interview techniques.

Its 16-week coaching-based programme is run by volunteers from a number of businesses both large and small, who donate their time for free.

The club, which attracts people from a 50-mile radius covering north Hampshire, as well as Berkshire and Surrey, on average has around 35 people attend each week.

“I was just trying to help people who were out of work,” recalled Richard, who established the club when he himself had been made redundant and realised there was no professional support to help people return to work.

“During our very first session we had just four people,” said Richard. “Then from around 2012 to 2014, we used to have attendances of up to 60 people, which was huge and a sign of the economy at the time.

“The interesting thing is that over the past five years we have stuck to the same goals, principles and values that we started off with and we’ve managed to hold onto many of our original trustees and presenters, with all their motivation, commitment and passion, which is brilliant.”

Explaining the three pillars to the club, Richard said: “It’s an environment to network, share experiences and support each other. When you join the job club, you have a number of other people there who have your interests at heart, because they are all in the same boat.”
The M3 Job Club meets every Friday, except bank holidays, from 9am until 12.30pm. To find out more visit

The M3 Job Club’s aim is to ensure a sustainable long term service to those in need of our support, to do that we need your support. One quick way of helping as part of its fundraising efforts and to mark its fifth anniversary, supporters can donate £5 by texting MANY05 £5 to 70070.

Note: If you would like to run an article on M3 Job Club, please get in contact with Richard Thayer or you would like any photos.

Source: Richard Garfield (richardjngarfield btinternet com) content and photos copyright of M3 Job Club

Four Years Old Today

1 April 2015

Today, we celebrate our 4th year in service! I recall the day when all the pieces came together:

some coaches to help run a programme

development of a quarterly programme

somewhere to run the sessions 

Eventually, to gain the confirmation that we had been provided our first location at the Innovation Centre in Basing View, which had to be signed up on 1 April 2011.

My initial thoughts were, it was 1st April offering a free community service with expert coaches, no one would believe it!

We launched to our first group of 4 people and a wide group of our very first supporters, coaches and presenters with representatives from Basingstoke Council.

Moving on 4 years, we are quite a different position:

became a registered charity on 2 April 2014

have supported over 330 people back to work

21 people have secured work this year so far

circa 40 attendees at our sessions each week

since Jan 15, we have had 464 members attend our sessions

we have also seen 50 new people join the M3 Job Club

have circa 1000 people on our system

moved location in April 2014

people attend from circa 50 mile radius

won the first ever Community Project Award 2014 at the Place To Be Proud of Awards last year

All of this was without any funding or grants but there is so much more to do and due to demand we have upped our focus on securing the future of the M3 Job Club as a key service to the community.

We have received some donations from key organisations such as De La Rue and Basingstoke council amongst donations from former members and through other fundraising activities. 

We are keen to engage with more local businesses to seek sponsorship but also work together to support the local economy through seeking local people for employment. 

We are pleased to say, we have just been awarded a grant from the council that will help towards paying for our location over the next 3 years, which in turn supports another charitable organisation.

We are humbled and grateful to our members for their wonderful comments during their amazing journeys of how much the M3 Job Cub means to them and has played a part in their journeys back to work.

It just leaves me to thank all our brilliant trustees past and present, our invaluable partners, supporters and wonderful volunteers for their commitment and passion, helping to make this an enjoyable and invaluable community service.

Thank You?

A Christmas Message for 2014

Thank you to all who attended our Christmas Get Together at our last session for 2014 on 12 December. We had about 80+ members, former members, coaches and local businesses attend.

Our thanks to Lindsay Cooper and Carol Dickson from Atos for attending and updating on the world of IT and projects and Cllr Clive Sanders from Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council for the positive messages of growth in our region.

In April 2015, the Job Club will have been in operation for 4 years and we'll be planning a celebration for that landmark occasion. We are so pleased that over 300 people have secured work and we'll continue to work hard to get to our next target of 400 in 2015.

It’s been a great year meeting so many interesting, skilled and experienced people at the Job Club and we're looking to get an alumni group together in 2015, to keep in touch and do some good old networking. We'll also look to be inviting supporters and local businesses to embrace the business community spirit.

We were also very proud to have been awarded the very first Community Project Award, sponsored by Sentinel Housing Association at the 11th Place to be Proud of Award 2014. Thank you to the judges for recognising our services to the community and for Sentinel in sponsoring the award.

Our 2015 programme will be published in the next few days that will kick us off from 9 January taking us through to end April, so do keep an eye out for it.

I wish to thank those organisations who have supported us through their kind donations this year:

I'd also like to express my sincere gratitude to the following organisations for supporting us with their expertise and invaluable donation of their time to help our members:

Furthermore, I'd like to thank the many members and others who have donated to the Job Club in recognition of the value they have received during their time with us. Also, thanks to those who have donated via our Local Giving, JustGiving and TheGivingMachine sites and at our fundraising events and recently at our auction.

I'd finally like to thank our trustees for their commitment and passion for the Job Club and helping to support and provide a superb, professional programme that will challenge any commercial learning & development / training and coaching services!

Thank you to:

Please take a look at their profiles on our website for more information.

Watch out for new half and one day programmes that we will open to non-members as well that will provide significant cost effective training and development that helps others at a low time of seeking employment.

Summing up our year, since April, on average per month we had 134 attendees, 15 new members and 6 back to work (equiv. of 1.5 pw); we've had almost 1200 people attend our programme on their journey back to work, helping members to discover themselves, build strength, resilience and self-confidence.

So far, those that we know of, we are up to 309 people back to work. Well done all of our members who have persevered and secured employment.

We'd love to work with more local businesses to help us increase this ration back to work. It's very simple that for any successful placement, we only ask for a donation to continue to help other. Our new target for next year, in addition, hopefully with some new services is to reach at least 400.

Finally, it just leaves me to wish you and yours all the very best of the Season, a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Merry Christmas

M3 Job Club


It's Christmasss....

4 December 2014

And to celebrate a superb 2014, we are again hosting our annual Christmas Get Together with current and former members and invited guests from supporting companies after our final session for 2014 on 12 December from 1pm.

With over 300 members now back to work and the signs that more interviews are happening, 2015 is looking like it's going to be a good one.

To make sure that happens, we are this year holding our first auction of Formula 1 and Tech items donated to the Job Club.

We have a great number of items just in time for Christmas and whatever is raised will go towards helping to secure our location and our community service.

The reason we have this event is really to have a bit of fun, celebrate the year and look forward to more people back to work. We have special guests from Atos, the French IT Services organisation and Business Technologists as well as the leader of Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council to share some of their messages.

We are so grateful to our coaches, trustees, presenters, supporters and the many businesses who have helped make this Job Club community service a success that continues to grow. We'd love to do so much more and help more people and with your help and support, we know that we can do it.

We wish one and all the very best of the Season, good health, happiness and for our members, loads of confidence; Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year.

Together we can do so much more in supporting your journey back to work!

Thank you

Cake Success!

Saturday 8 November 2014

Following our first ever cake sale on Friday 7th November to help raise some cash to secure our location and continue to provide our services to the community, it ended up a resounding success.

In all, we raised over £310!

We had some exceptionally good cakes, being lovingly baked by a number of our members, some professional pastry chefs, so those of you who couldn't attend, you missed some yummy treats!

Richard Thayer, founder & chairman said, "I am extremely grateful to Ghislaine Carson, one of our current members for planning, organising, selling, marketing and overseeing this event.

We had a great team of supporters standing out in the cold engaging with members of the community, including children and parents from Fairfield’s School to help raise some donations for the Job Club.

Thank you to all those who baked, helped and donated, I am immensely grateful for your kind support and energy to make this a success".

We have many plans that we would love to see come to fruition but we need to raise more monies to go towards providing more services to help more people in more ways and the for the Job Club to be able to stand on its own two feet!

Your support is warmly welcome and we would encourage you to please consider making a donation that will go towards helping your local community, specifically those who are out of work in need of support to secure employment.

Thank You!

Have Your Cake and Eat it!

1 November 2014

Mail boxes Etc (mbe) in Basingstoke stepped in to support the Job Club raise money to help secure your future by printing a number of flyers for free to help promote the event on 7th November at Carnival Hall, Basingstoke.

Jennie Liles, manager for mbe said her daughters are also baking up some tasty treats for our event helping to make this a great community event.

The event is being organised by a current member of the Job Club, Ghislaine Carson who is seeking to reengage into work in a Project Management role (PMO or PM), to whom we are extremely grateful for giving her time to pull this event together whilst seeking her next role. Ghislaine took the initiative to speak with Jennie who agreed to help support us and this is one way for our members to connect with local businesses as well.

Richard, Founder and Chairman said, “We are extremely grateful to Mail Boxes Etc for their kind support to help spread the message to help us raise some much needed funds for the Job Club. We are always keen to work in collaboration with local businesses to help networking, access to a talent resource (for free) and connect members to business. Jennie has kindly pulled in the skills of her daughters to bake a number of items for the cake sale as well, which is a great example of a local business of not only taking the initiative to engage but also showing a true sense of community spirit. We look forward to seeing them at the event on 7 November”.

The M3 Job Club provides an environment for people to network, share experiences and support each other in a positive, learning environment whilst gaining knowledge and advice.

We equip our members with the tools and techniques through our free programme for adults to enable them to gain advice and employability skills to help them to secure employment. The 16 week, business-focused and coaching-led programme is run by professionals from businesses who all donate their time for free.

We work with a number of SME and Corporate local companies in and around Basingstoke and our members attend from a wide region covering North Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey.

Jennie Liles, Manager
Mail Boxes Etc, | 2a Church Street, Basingstoke RG21 7QE | Tel 01256814200

Richard Thayer, Founder and Chairman
M3 Job Club | Carnival Hall, Council Road, Basingstoke RG21 3DH | Tel: 0844 80 27 5620844 80 27 562

Place to be Proud of Awards - video released

Basingstoke, 1 September 2014: The Place to be Proud of Awards 2014 were held in June at The Haymarket, Basingstoke, this gives a quick insight into the wealth of community spirit and pride in the area, and the fun evening to celebrate it.

To see the video just released, please take a look here:


Basingstoke, Friday 22 August 2014: The M3 Job Club received a donation of £1,000 from the De La Rue Charitable Trust, which will help towards securing the future of the M3 Job Club and continue to support the wider community.

The aim of the De La Rue Charitable Trust is to provide financial support in the form of small donations to help address issues such as relief of suffering, educational support and development and self-sufficiency promotion. Although resources are limited the Trust tries to assist a range of charities. 

Amanda Wiltshire, trustee said: “The De La Rue Charitable Trust chose to make a donation to the M3 Job Club in recognition of the valuable local support it provides to help unemployed adults help themselves to get back to work. It relies heavily on the goodwill of volunteers and supporting companies and we feel that the money donated by De La Rue can make a real difference to the charity”.

The M3 Job Club takes a business-led, coaching approach to guide members, who already have enough people telling them what to do, to help them retake control of their employment situation. It supports professionals in the North Hampshire, and surrounding regions, who are going through redundancy, or similar transition, as they source their next role. The aim is to equip members with the confidence and skills to secure their next role and for the Job Club to be a recognised talent pool of choice for local businesses so that it promotes employment opportunities and connects members to businesses.

Richard Thayer, Chairman and Founder of the M3 Job Club said: “We are extremely grateful to the De La Rue Charitable Trust for this donation in recognition of the work from many local volunteers and businesses that have helped make this programme a success. Due to this success, we are in need of, for the first time, funding to ensure the longer term future of the Job Club, starting with securing our location. With a conversion rate of ~1.6 people back to work each week, we would love to be able to implement our plans to see this increase.

To do that we will work more closely with local businesses providing the opportunity to spot experienced, skilled local talent right on their doorstep and drawn in from neighbouring Counties. We are working to secure donations and sponsorship so that we have a win-win-win outcome for businesses, the Job Club and ultimately for those seeking their next role”.

Photo source: Basingstoke Gazette

Winners of the Place to be Proud of Awards for 2014 were announced at special evening at The Haymarket hosted by Breeze Radio’s drive time DJ Robert Kenny.

 6 June 2014

The Awards, sponsored by a range of local businesses and organisations and organised by Destination Basingstoke, included performances from The Gangshow and Happy Feet and the Pan Everest Steel Band and complete with special guest, local adventurer James Ketchell gave an inspirational speech about his round the world challenge he had completed for charity earlier this year.
I am honoured to be presenting the Awards for the Place to be Proud of and amazed and humbled by the achievements of so many people who make Basingstoke the active community it is today”, said Robert Kenny. 
For the first time this year, a new award was introduced called the Community Project Award with the awards being in its 11th year founded originally by Mark Jones, Editor of the Basingstoke Gazette.

Community Project Award – sponsored by Sentinel Housing Association  

Winner: M3 Job Club
Runners Up: Inspero Love2Grow and Loddon Social Enterprise
“The M3 Job Club mirrors many of the strong ethics that we at Sentinel seek to employ.  Having successfully supported over 245 people back to work, they work tirelessly to improve the lives of people through building relationships with local employers and professionals across Basingstoke.  With a long track record of delivering results, indeed inspiring the founders of another of the short-listed entrants (Inspero) to start their community group, it’s not difficult to see how the M3 Job Club is having a significant impact on the wider community” said Julian Chun – Operations Director at Sentinel Housing Association.
We were delighted to have been selected by the judges to recognise the work that has been put in to making the Job Club such a success and help to contribute and build a positive and more confident community.
I and the trustees are privileged to meet so many talented people from across North Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey and look forward to continuing to develop our service and enable more members to network, share and support each other.  

Source: some of the content provided by Destination Basingstoke

Success of M3 Job Club sees it promoted to a bigger venue

07 April 2014

The M3 Job Club is proving so popular that Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council has had to help it find a new home. 

The Job Club celebrated its third birthday on Friday (4 April) in its new home at the Carnival Hall in Basingstoke. 

The club was set up to help support people back to work and put them in touch with businesses that need their skills, experience and work ethic.  Working with local businesses, it offers people, placed at risk of redundancy or out of work the chance to learn the tools and techniques needed to increase their chances of getting their ideal position, rebuild their confidence and help to sharpen CVs and interview skills. 

Having already supported over 250 people back to work, the Job Club, a voluntary and free service, ran its Friday morning sessions at the Innovation Centre in Basing View.  But now the sessions are attracting over 35 people a week, the Job Club needed a bigger venue and approached the borough council for help. Now the sessions are at the Carnival Hall in Council Road Basingstoke every Friday morning, except bank holidays, from 9am until 12.30pm. 

The Job Club provides people with the opportunity to network, share their experiences and support each other in a positive, learning environment whilst gaining knowledge and advice on their journey back to work. It offers a 16 week, business-focused and coaching-led programme run by professionals from businesses who all donate their time for free.  

People are often referred to the Job Club by outsourcing companies, friends, family, ex-colleagues, and existing members as well as Job Centres across Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey, bringing a much needed wide and varied talent pool to Basingstoke.  It is now a charitable incorporated organisation. 

The Job Club’s founder and Chairman Richard Thayer said: “The drivers for setting up the Job Club were my personal experiences of redundancy and the realisation that there was no real professional support to help people return to work. I also needed the motivation and a reason to get up in the morning, whilst giving something back to the community. The Job Club connects employees and employers in a creative and positive way. 

“It has been so successful in doing this and has demonstrated that there is such a demand that we are moving to a bigger venue with the help of the council who recognise the value to the local community and economy.” 

Borough council Leader Cllr Clive Sanders said: “This club is giving vital help to professionals that have been made redundant or are out of work to make sure that they are able to get back to work and that local employers benefit from their skills and experience.  It has helped so many people back into work so it is only right that we are supporting them by organising their new bigger place to meet.”

Celebration: Move to New Location; 3 years Old and Registered Charity

Celebration: 3 Years Old, New Location and Registered Charity

We Made it. We Are Now a Registered Charity

02 April 2014

As part of our ongoing development and plans, we were successfully approved by the Charity Commission to become a registered charity.  As of 2 April 2014, the M3 Job Club is now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registration number 1154699.

The reason for doing this is due to our development over the last three years, we needed to take another step to advancing our organisation. A natural step was to secure charitable status and help open the door to funding opportunities and importantly for us, to be able to work more closely with local businesses. 

Having a registered status at last means that in the case where some, mainly larger organisations CSR policies prevent non-registered charitable organisations working with them, opens the doors for us to seek innovative and collaborative ways of engaging. 

2014 is an important year for us as we focus on achieving our aim of 'securing the future'. We have seen and heard from the many wonderful people that we meet, who are either members who attend or coaches and presenters, as to how the Job Club has helped them. 

To ensure we can continue to do this for the next three years, as we approach our third anniversary, we need to ensure a long term location, expanded services and employment of a Co-ordinator to help us manage the Job Club on a weekly basis.

We'd love to hear from businesses who are serious about spotting local talent, who are open to new ways of engagement and want to discuss new ways to benefit from volunteering. 

As a registered charity, we are now able to offer many other ways to engage that benefits the business and the Job Club - we'd love to speak to you.

Celebration of Volunteering

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Every year in October the Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane hosts a Civic Ceremony in the Council Chambers of the Civic Offices and gives every nominated volunteer a Certificate to say thank you on behalf of the community. The Basingstoke and Deane Celebration of Volunteering gives the voluntary and community organisations within the Borough the opportunity to thank their volunteers for their commitment and support. [Read More]

This year, the event took place on 15 October in the Council Chambers of the Civic Offices. We had a great night having also met with three ex Job Club members, one of our current members also volunteers for three other organisations. The ex-members, came over to say hello and kindly thanked us for supporting them during their time of transition.

One previous member is keen to help and as her role, currently volunteering as President of the Basingstoke Rotary Club, whilst still holding down her job, 2 years since, and we are looking to work with The Rotary in the future.

Our Chairman nominted the M3 Job Club coaches in recognition of their commitment and passion for supporting our members since the outset of the Job Club, each receiving a Basingstoke Volunteer Centre, Celebration of Volunteering Award.

On the night, every story was read out for us all to enjoy from the many organisations who nominted special people in our community to receive the award.

The M3 Job Club coaches were nominted for: “Our special coaches, Nikki, Liz, Alan, Gail, Lynda and Mike have committed over 2 years donating their time for free to provide their expertise and support to our members and playing a vital role in helping local people secure employment.

To that end, we have supported well over 195 people back to work, equating to over 1.5 people per week and seeing regular attendance of over 35 people to gain the value our coaches bring.

With the Job Club running every week, the coaches have all input significant personal and business time to contribute and ensure that we deliver a professional but fun, value-packed programme.

Lynda has input significant time to mould and develop our programme, regularly engaging with various local businesses to ensure a varied and exciting programme of activities.

Our coaches consistently demonstrate their passion and from the outset, took the Job Club to heart and this is exemplified in their ongoing commitment to ensuring our members bathe in the positivity and confidence that is exuded by each coach.

It is rare from experience to find people who care and whole-heartedly believe in a cause and actually put themselves out to help others achieve success. Thank You”

Picture1: Lynda Cant, 4th from left on second row

Labour Market Statistics

The Office of National Statistics release quarterly information on both employment and unemployment figures that provides a very quick 'infographic' summary. This could be useful to give you a wider understanding of the various age groups, how many vacancies are available, etc. which provides some context as to the challege of seeking work.

Useful to have a bit of a helicopter view of the national picture 

Labour Market Summary Infographic, July 2013

Infographic by Office for National Statistics (ONS) 

Greater Demand Leads to Ensuring Effective Car Parking

Monday 11 February 2013

Over recent weeks, due to popularity, we have seen an increase in the number of people attending the Job Club from existing and new members.

We are pleased that our services are helping to support so many people and from a growing demigraphic area, including London, Guildford, Berkshire let alone from around the North Hampshire areas.

This however has put a stretch on the facilities that we utilise at the Innovation Centre and in respect of the other tenants, we need to ensure that adequate plans are in place to manage the service going forward.

To that end, we would respectfully ask that anyone attending the Job Club consider the following options to help us manage the car parking needs effectively:

Please see more details of maps, timetables,etc here

If you are going to be late and/or are will arrive after 9:30am, you are encouraged to please use alternative car parking facilities.

Many of the car parks are within around 10 minutes walk of the centre and therefore a reasonable distance to not be too late.

We would encourage and respectfully request that members are considerate and abide by our request to use other transport means to ensure we can manage our service effectively in balance with other parties.

Thank you

Richard Thayer

M3 Job Club

Chairman & Founder



M3 Job Club Receives Initial Investment

Friday 9 September 2012

We are pleased to announce that our application to receive funding from the Co-operative Bank Community Directplus Customer Donation scheme has been accepted by the committee.

All the projects selected by the Co-operative Bank reflect the Bank's determination to encourage the sustainable improvement of communities, support ecological and ethical developments and promote diversity and education.

This is a major step forward for the Job Club as previously we had not received any funding to initiate the service or to operate our ongoing programme since the outset. This will help us to put steps in place to ensure sustainablility of our community service.

In addition, this will help us to start the process of implementing new services, such as personal 1-2-1 coaching to complement our programme and expedite learning to return members to work more quickly.

We are also working on other community projects such as our 'Skills Transfer Project' to improve employability skills for 16 - 19 year olds. More details of this project will be announced in due course.



New Opening Hours for M3 Job Club and Enrepreneurs Sub Group

Sunday 23 September 2012

With effect from 5 October 2012, the M3 Job Club will be opening from 09:00 for a 09:30 start.

The reason for this half an hour earlier start is to allow more time for networking, updates and to also introduce new half hourly sessions on other topics.

The main session of the day will then run from 10:00 through to 12:00 with a short break to ensure that members gain as much value as possible. The time between 12:00 and 12:30 will then be scheduled to allow time to discuss the session of the day, run new short sessions, or network.

With regards to the Entrepreneurs Sub Group, which currently runs evey Friday, will start to run fortnightly with effect from 5 October 2012.

A new framework will also be introduced to further support those who are seeking to go into business or self-employment.

A new service 'Phase 2', will also be introduced in due course to allow not only Job Club members but those who are in year one of their business to gain professional business coaching support both online and offline.

More details of Phase 2 will be published in due course.


M3 Job Club Gaines Approval for Local Giving

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation (HIWCF) recently invited M3 Job Club to be a part of, a new website allowing charities and community groups to receive donations online.

HIWCF is an independent charitable foundation, established in 2002 by local people to connect donors with the local causes and charities that they care about.

We were delighted that we were vetted and accepted to be listed on Local Giving enabling us to seek donations to help us develop the M3 Job Club services.

Please do take a look a our Job Club website and also our Local Giving website where you can donate online. Please specify Gift Aid as this will enable us to benefit directly from that as well.

Our intentions for the monies are:

With our growing number of members, of which average attendance is 31 todate and expanding area from North Hampshire, Reading, Theale, Guildford and more, this service clearly is supporting those in job transition or at risk of redundancy.

We have been fortunate to have supported over 100 people back to work and with the donations and new services, we can expedite our unique programme to reach our next target of 200 by April 2013. 

Car Parking Charges from 1 September

Thursday 23 August 2012

Please note that as from 1 September, car parking charges will come into force for parking at the Innovation Centre.

Hwoever, we have agreed a reduced rate for Job Club members of £2 all day for parking. When attending the Innovation Centre when you register attendance, a card will be issued to put into your vehicle to show you are a Job Club member.

Motorbikes and Bicycles will not be charged parking fees and bicycle racks will be installed in due course for members to use should this be an option.

Basingstoke station is only 5 minutes walk and may be a suitable option for your visit to the Job Club.

We apologise that this has been brought in but it is not within our control and we are seeking alternative options, where possible, to provide parking nearby.


M3 Job Club Reaches a Major Milestone

Thursday 23 August 2012

It was with great pleasure to hear another one of our members had secured a new role making Keith our 100th member to return to work.

Keith, 52, has a young family and has been actively seeking a new role for over a year having also taken time out on some paternity leave. Through his professionalism and perseverance, Keith has secured a major role with a firm in Canada, which he flies out to on Monday 27th August. We wish Keith and family, every success for the future.

Along with our other members who have gone that extra mile by making the effort, contributing at the sessions and learning from our voluntary coaches, we have been fortunate to meet many great people and been able to impart the knowledge, tools and techniques to help them secure a new role.

Although the market is fairly buoyant at that moment, it is still a very challenging and difficult market for anyone who is out of work and seeking to secure a role and again become economically active.

We wish every one of our members every success for those who have secured work and for those still seeking their next opportunity. Every week, as members return to new work, whether that be part time, full time, contract or starting their own businesses, it's fantastic to see the pure excitement and optimism that this brings.

We continue to see a steady number of people seeking to attend the Job Club from further afield as members appreciate that supporting each other, sharing experiences developing new networks and a regular place to go, keeps them motivated and focused.

In Keith's case, he took things further through setting up, virtually, an online CV of his major achievements and taking part in video diaries for the Telegraph to express his routine and challenge as a father seeking work.

We wish to thank our business volunteers for giving their time every week to help people to secure new work and also our thanks to others who contribute their support of the Job Club in many ways and of course, to our members for attending the job club and helping to make it what it is today.

Our next target is to get to our two-year anniversary around 5th April 2013. With the growing number of large corporate businesses who are now engaging with us to provide their expertise and seek new talent, I'm sure our numbers securing work will increase still further.

Here's to our 200th member returning to work...


Welcome to our latest supporter

Monday 9 July 2012

We are pleased to announce that Nikki Smith, is to take on the role of M3 Job Club Co-ordinator on a voluntary basis with immediate effect.

Nikki, who is currently Centre Co-ordinator at the Innovation Centre in Basingstoke, was keen to engage and provide her support, in her own time, to keep us up to date and our records accurate.

With the growth and constant change of the M3 Job Club, it has meant a load more work on registers, database and a lot of behind the scenes work, to ensure we provide an accurate and  quality service to our members.

Nikki will initially be helping to get us up to scratch and provide ongoing support to make better use of our key data so that we can share our statistical data with our members and local business.

In addition to her day job, Nikki is also on an apprenticeship scheme and in return for her work, we will also be supporting her personal development to help her achieve success in her assignments.

Nikki's customer service skills are excellent and we are fortunate to have someone who is so keen to learn and support our initiative. The Job Club trustees are thrilled to have her onboard and we look forward to working together to achieve joint success.

Welcome aboard Nikki and thank you for your support - Chairman and Founder


Hampshire Business Expo 2012 – X Marks the Spot

Monday 2 July 2012

Following another busy event at the Hampshire Business Expo 2012, we are pleased to Andrew Browning and Richard Thayerannounce the winner of our competition.

People who came to the stand were asked for a business card that was numbered. A small corresponding numbered sticky dot was provided that they had to stick onto a map where they thought would be nearest to a cross where a bottle of wine was located in the surrounding Basingstoke area.

The winner also won an atlas which was part of our message of what the job club is all about – ‘supporting your journey back to work’. The atlas representing the planning stage of that journey to help them reach their goal (gaining employment). Once reaching their goal (a new job), to celebrate the achievement the wine was a prize to sit back, relax and celebrate success.

It was great fun and we’re pleased to say number 14 was closest who was Andrew Browning of Fox Whitfield Employment Solicitors, congratulations. Andrew is an Employment Solicitor heading up Fox Whitfield’s Southampton office and we were pleased to meet up with Andrew at our office in Basingstoke to hand over the prizes.

Andrew said “I was really impressed by the work of the M3 Job Club. Having been briefly unemployed myself I know what a difficult time it can be. The current economic situation means that there is a lot of negativity in the press about unemployment so it is great to see a positive organisa-tion like the Job Club working hard to get people back into work. I have therefore offered to try and help where possible including talking to the members about employment law issues”.

Richard Thayer, Founder and Chairman of M3 Job Club said “it was a pleasure to meet Andrew to not only thank him for taking part but also for his generous offer to support the M3 Job Club by attending as a volunteer to talk about employment law issues to our members”. “This will be of significant value to our members and what’s more, Andrew has also experienced being out of work and so understands the challenges that people face to get back into employment”.

Richard Thayer                                   Andrew Browning
Founder and Chairman                    Employment Solicitor
M3 Job Club                                        Fox Whitfield Employment Solicitors
Tel: 01256 95233001256 952330                            023 8000 1037023 8000 1037
Twitter: @m3jobclub                         @FoxWhitSoton


M3 Job Club Member Tells the Telegraph about His Story of Being Out of Work

"Keith Parkin, 53, is an out-of-work engineer who is looking for a senior management job in the engineering and manufacturing industry.

He has begun a video diary with the Telegraph charting the ups and downs of searching for a new job and what it is like to be in his early fifties and unemployed".

See, hear and read about his story here

Keith will be doing a regular video diary with The Telegraph of his personal experiences, the impact and what he is doing to ovecome the challenges many of our members and others face being out of work.

Each week, we will put up his story here so as you can follow his progress. The best one where he will be handing out some chocolates to celebrate the new job!

On 15 June, Keith will be doing a small amount of video with a personal video camera at the Job Club and may well wish to interview one or two others during he session.

Story courtesy of The Telegraph. Please contact Louise Peacock at The Telegraph.


M3 Job Club takes a new step into securing its future

14 May 2012

I am pleased to announce that with effect from today, I have appointed seven trustees to help develop the job club and ensure its continued success.

The trustee positions are all voluntary and each of the people involved were keen to pledge their commitment to helping deliver our objectives of Credibility, Investment and Sustainability.

I would welcome your support of our new trustees as they get to grips with their new challenges. They are keen to engage in their new roles and help support you our members engage with the wider community as well in addition to help to develop some new projects.

Our trustees are:

Richard Thayer - Chairman

Nikki Wild - Vice Chair & Secretary

Mike Kent - Treasurer

Lynda Cant - Programme Development Manager

Liz Johnston - Membership Manager

Alan Donegan - Marketing Manager

Gail Sampson - Business Development Manager

Nicky Goringe-Larkin - Special Projects Manager

In many cases, all the above trustees have been long standing business supporters / coaches who have helped deliver some quality, professional sessions over the last year or so and made it what it is today.

The reason we took this decision is really to help us deliver the future plans in alignment with the goals highlighted above. In addition, to gain more traction with businesses we needed to have a structure in place that demonstrates our level of support and transparency.

When Richard first launched the job club, we had 4 members but today we have circa 300 on our database with an average attendance of over 30. With the many other projects and behind the scenes activities, we also needed to engage some fresh ideas, experience, knowledge and support.

Many members will have known the trustees for some time and value their expertise and professionalism as well as their dedication and commitment to helping us all achieve successes for which I would like to thank them as without them, the initial vision could not be realised.

Over the next few weeks I will be talking to each of the trustees to discuss their plans and how they will be implementing their plans to help take us forward in addition to some of the processes to make us more efficient.

In addition, we will be looking at ideas for new services both as part of the Friday sessions but also looking to provide services outside of job club hours and working more closely with our growing pool of collaborative relationships we have developed over time.

We will be putting some pictures and a brief bio on ths website in due course as well as introducing our new trustees to our members and partners as we need to ensure that local businesses are aware of our drive to deliver quality services and support the community.

We remain FREE and OPEN to those who are in job transition or at risk of redundnacy who WANT to work. This new structure does not change that fundamental element of our service but provides greater opportunity for new ideas and services.

The M3 Job Club has a signed Constitution document that we will abide by and will publish our reports quarterly.

This is an exciting time for us all and I am personally looking forward to working with the new team over the coming weeks and months.

Any questions, please drop us an email at


Tell us about your recruitment experiences and intentions

Tuesday 8 May 2012

The M3 Job Club, in conjunction with Enterprise M3, seeks the latest information on the region’s recruitment activities – intentions, timeframes and skills sought. 

Click here to complete a short, 5 minute survey to help us understand these points in more detail.

The survey is a follow-up to the ‘Barriers to Growth’ survey conducted by Enterprise M3 in 2011 which highlighted that 25% of businesses in this region felt that ‘getting people with the right skills’ was an important enabler for growth.

The M3 Job Club will utilise the results to form part of the development of their new skills matching service, ‘M3 Talent Pool’ to inform local employers about available skills and talent within our region and will also enable them to gain a better picture of the confidence for recruitment locally.

The results of the survey will be published on our website or emailed on request to those who request a copy and provide their contact details.

Please help us to help you to make a difference to the community and the ultimately your local economy by getting more people back into work.

You would be astounded at the level of talent we have with us each week. If you are recruiting, consider us as an option. We don't charge but a donation would be requested.

Thank you!


Valuable New Connections for M3 Job Club and Vital Business Network members

Friday 4 May 2012

We’re pleased to announce a great new partnership between the Vital Business Network and the M3 Job Club.

Aims & Objectives:

For VitalSix the connection and collaboration between the Vital Business Network and the M3 Job Club adds value to the benefits delivered to Network Members.

The connection provides Network Members with an easy,
low cost route to experienced local professionals seeking
full time employment and potentially project work or short term contracts. 

For M3 Job Club this connection raises awareness in the business community of its members who are seeking work & potentially connects people with jobs.

As local employers, the benefits are clear:

VitalSix has extended the M3 Job Club’s connections into the Thames Valley through this valuable partnership.

VitalSix members should contact VitalSix with your job or project brief and they’ll work with the M3 Job Club to help find the right person for you. For other employers, please contact Richard Thayer, 01256 95233001256 952330 or with your requirements.

About VitalSix: "The Vital Business Network is a community of ambitious businesses that benefit from a host of