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About Us

The M3 Job Club is a voluntary, business-focused, coaching-led social initiative run by local volunteers and supported by local business that see the importance of supporting people and the local economy. The Job Club is recently (2 April 2014) became a Charitable Incoporated Organisation (CIO), Registered Charity number: 1156499, and is not associated to any local government, agency or other body.

This initiative exists through the generosity, kindness and foresight of the people and business of Basingstoke and Deane and surrounding areas. The M3 Job Club has many people to thank for their support and a list of our main supporters are on Our Partners page.

The Job Club has 6 trustees and a Co-ordinator who donate their time for the advancement of the Job Club.

We are approved by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Foundation Trust to be listed on their website as part of the Local Giving scheme. This allows business and Public to donate in the knowledge that it is tax efficient and also we will be able to benefit from Gift Aid managed through the Local Giving site. 

We have numerous volunteers from businesses who are passionate about providing their services and helping those who unfortunately find themselves out of work but want to re-establish themselves to become economically active again.

Most of our volunteers have themselves experienced redundancy or periods of time out of work or have the experience of supporting people in these positons and know what this feels like. We are therefore empathetic to the challenges that people face during this time personally and professionally.
Richard Thayer who is the founder and chairman of the Job Club lives and works locally and also runs a small business within the Basingstoke and Deane area. Having experienced redundancy on a couple of occasions, he knows what it is like to be out of work and feeling the emotional roller coaster of job searching.
In an attempt to do something different, he set about starting up the Job Club with the aim of giving something back to society, provide a focus and motivation as well as a 'legitimacy' that the Job Club now brought.
The initiative provides opportunity to network in new areas and build new relationships and contacts as well as understand wider social [job search] issues in the area and meet some fantastic new people locally.
This further led him to talk to someone who  then put him touch with a local business and resulted in Richard starting his own business, which he also runs today - so the Job Club works!

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 M3 Job Club Documentary

To give you a better insight into what the M3 Job Club is all about, please take a few minutes to hear from some of our members and volunteers.

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